Program Director

This management position exists in the Mental Health and Choices Divisions. Directs the administration of mental health services within the authority of Executive Management. Responsible for personnel management, fiscal operations, inventory management, recipient services, safety and welfare of recipients, hiring and training of personnel, directing and coordinating the activities of the staff, and administration of the program. Establishes clinical procedures and policies for recipients and ensures that program operations meet or exceed agency and regulatory guidelines.
Provides Clinical Services:
Directs clinical treatment services provided to consumers, oversees the development, implementation, and review of treatment plans to address issues of mental illness and substance abuse.
Provides clinical oversight of symptom assessment and rehabilitative services provided by the staff to consumers/residents to ensure the quality and that services meet or exceed regulatory guidelines. Monitors counseling performed by staff either individually with a consumer/resident or in groups to evaluate the quality of the service.
Ensures staff is obtaining information, such as medical, psychological, and social factors contributing to the individual's situation, and that the staff is evaluating the consumer's/resident's capabilities. Regularly directs the inspection of case records to evaluate the completeness and quality of treatment plans, quarterly service plans reviews, assessments, medical records, and progress notes. Responsible for the accuracy of data entered into a computer data base or manual records.
Informs staff to the types of clinical services, recreational activities, and ICL programs available.
Reviews crisis assessment of consumers/residents with staff, reviews nonverbal and verbal crisis intervention techniques to be used with each individual consumer/resident, and staff-actions during a crisis situation.
Informs staff of community resources and ensures that staff are accompanying consumers on regularly scheduled or emergency visits to medical treatment facilities, social agencies, government offices, or other locations associated with treatment or assistance of the consumer/resident.
Immediately reports serious incidents, allegations of abuse, incidents, or sensitive situations and completes incident reports in accordance with agency policy.
Regularly directs meetings concerning clinical issues.
Direct and Supervise Personnel:
Establishes and maintains work schedules in accordance with agency policy and assignments of staff. Responsible for managing the completion of time clock edits of staff within the suspense established by the Human Resources Department.
Ensures staff compliance with the agency's time and attendance policy; recommends disciplinary action for those out of compliance.
Manages the completion of performance evaluations, recommends staff for the employee recognition award and promotions.
Conducts staff supervision in accordance with agency and division policy.
Administers disciplinary actions in accordance with agency disciplinary policy, conducts disciplinary counseling, completes disciplinary action reports, and recommends employee terminations as needed.
Reviews authorized staff positions and personnel budget, submits Request for Personnel (RFP), on vacant staff position(s), interviews candidates for employment in accordance with agency policy and employment law. Recommends changes to authorized staffing patterns and personnel budget.
Ensures that staff have attended required inservice training and schedules employees to attend both in-service training and training provided by vendors. Conducts training on clinical subjects, charting, fire safety plan, fire drills, emergency plans and procedures, building security, volunteers and interns, and site specific exposure control plan.
Manages employee accident reporting and initial submission of workers' compensation claims.
Monitors employee morale and the climate of the work environment to stop or eliminate sexual harassment or any form of employee harassment or employee discrimination. Responsible for taking complaints of sexual harassment, informing the Human Resources Department of the complaint, and investigating the complaint (as directed).
Monitors employee accrual totals, approves or recommends approval of employee requests for time off, and notifies the Department of Human Resources when an employee should be placed on or taken off Family and Medical Leave (FMLA). Maintains contact with staff while out on FMLA.
Provides oversight in the area of administrative recordkeeping, maintenance of office equipment, reception of visitors, phone reception, and stocking office supplies.
Manages the orientation of new personnel and the sponsorship program.
Conducts employment interviews that meet federal, state, and agency regulatory guidelines. Completes associated Human Resources forms and sends these forms to the Department of Human Resources.
Maintains Property Accountability:
Maintains accountability and serviceability of all ICL property assigned to the program to include vehicles. Reports lost, stolen, missing, or damaged property in accordance with ICL policy. Conducts initial investigations of property that is lost, stolen, missing, or damaged.
Authorizes the purchase of supplies and equipment; properly secures all property and equipment. Conducts regular inspections of vehicles and property to ensure cleanliness, accountability, and serviceability.
Conducts regular inspections of consumer/resident rooms or apartments to ensure property accountability and serviceability. Establishes key control procedures.
Recommends disciplinary action for staff whose negligence resulted in ICL property becoming lost, stolen, missing, or damaged.
Provides Quality Assurance Oversight:
Ensures internal program compliance with federal, state, city, and agency regulatory requirements. Monitors the quality of the rehabilitative services provided to consumers/residents.
Responsible for the development of a program mission statement and program goals that supports the division and agency mission statements and goals.
Coordinates with the Department of Quality Management and the departments in the Administrative Division for staff assistance in the preparation for an audit.
Reviews plans of corrective action, incident reports, and program evaluation reports and addresses areas that need improvement.
Provides oversight in submission of statistical data.
Assures Fiscal Control and Accountability:
Exercises control over budgets through planning, prioritizing of spending, and monitoring of spending patterns.
Approves/disapproves all purchase orders and financial requests from staff and submits approved purchase orders and financial requests to supervisor for approval.
Manages resident/consumer funds program. Develops internal money management procedures.
Monitors census, entitlements, and collections to maximize revenue. Maintains census at expected occupancy levels.
Assures Consumer and Family Involvement:
Educates staff in the benefits of consumer and family involvement, levels of consumer and family involvement, types of consumer and family involvement, nature of consumer and family involvement, and issues of working with consumers and families.
Develops a program strategy for working with consumers and families and develops activities that foster program-consumer and family cooperation and coordination.
Fosters the development of consumer involvement committees.
Fosters Community Relations:
Promotes Mental Health and Managed Care programs in local communities; maintains liaison between local elected officials and community boards, educates citizens in the community on mental illness.
Educates staff and residents/consumers on the importance of a constructive relationship with local elected officials, community boards, and community citizens.
Cooperates with other organizations in development of understanding and interest participating in long range plans for mental health program development.
Conducts Investigations:
Conducts internal investigations of untoward incidents as directed by Quality Assurance or Human Resources in accordance with agency policy.
LMSW plus three to four years of professional mental health experience (depending on program size and complexity) including one to two years (depending on program size and complexity) in an administrative or supervisory capacity

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